Top 8 Reasons to Move to Mobile Marketing in UAE

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Top 8 Reasons to Move to Mobile Marketing in UAE


Chances are, you are reading this article on your smartphone. Most men and women would sooner give up a romantic dinner or a weekend getaway than their mobile phones; mobile phones are omnipresent.  If you want to reach someone, the mobile device is the way to do it.The power of mobile marketing has never been stronger. If you have not yet made the move towards mobile marketing, here are our Top 8 reasons to develop a mobile marketing strategy:

8. Ever-Expanding Audience

Google ranked UAE #1 for the smartphone usage, it grew 73.8% in 2016, and growth shows no sign of slowing. Data usage is up as well, growing 70% in 2012. More smartphones in more hands using more data equals even more opportunities to reach your customers.

7.  Internet In Your Pocket

One-in-four site visits originated from a mobile device in 2012. This means people are accessing the Internet from cafes, malls, parking lots and other public spaces – all perfect opportunities to grab a potential new customer’s attention and direct them to your store or product!

6. 100% Access Guaranteed

Mobile phone ownership in the UAE is 100% (as measured by Insights MENA). You have the opportunity to reach 100% of you customer base when you go mobile. Data usage in the UAE is also high at 59%.

5. Conversion Channel

The mobile device can be the conduit for each step on the customer conversion channel: build awareness through mobile advertising; convert new customers with a sound user interface; inspire brand loyalty through social interactions.

4. Options, Options, Options

Mobile marketing provides a variety of means for accessing customers: SMS, in-app advertisements, mobile search engine optimization and proximity targeting.

3. Instant Communication

The average read time for an SMS message is 4 minutes, compared to 48 hours for email.  By contact customers through their mobile devices, you could be getting new business within minutes, rather than days.

2. The Power of Local

Mobile marketing allows you to target customers based on their geographic location. Proximity targeting is particularly successful at concerts, in airports, at malls, in hotels, at transit stations and at trade shows. Your customer is close – bring them all the way to your door!

1. Lifestyle of the Future

With smartphones in almost every pocket, tech developers are try to make instant connections ever easier. iWatches and Google Glasses are products that are already on the market, and more are coming.”The future isn’t about mobile. Its about mobility.” – David Armano

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